Napa Wine Experience for 8 or 16 with Charles Woodson!


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Enjoy a gourmet lunch and wine pairings with "TwentyFour Wines," and its founder Charles Woodson!

Most wine labels or tasting rooms are started by sports figures after they have retired. As of 2015 co-owner Charles Woodson remarkably entered his 18th year in the National Football League – having played for his college team (University of Michigan) and two professional teams, the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders.

Charles Woodson has enjoyed a storied career in the NFL and certainly a long one where according to the NFL Players Association the average career length is only 3.3 years. Charles was born in Ohio, went to the University of Michigan for college and took home a Heisman Award trophy in 1997, beating another now prominent NFL player – Peyton Manning. He began his NFL Career with the Oakland Raiders, spent a number of years with the Green Bay Packers (where he won a Super Bowl) and currently is back with the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have been coming to the Napa Valley for their annual pre-season training camp (at Napa Valley College) for many years. It was during the pre-season training camp in 1998 during his first stint with the Oakland Raiders that he was introduced to wine. Taking a break from football he headed up valley to eat – at Bistro Don Giovanni’s. He was curious why many of the customers were already drinking wine at 11:30 am. Enjoying additional meals in the valley he noticed wine was an integral component with food. His curiosity was piqued.

You will have an exclusive opportunity to bring up an intimate group for a private luncheon and wine tasting with Charles Woodson in Napa.  Charles and Rick Ruiz, the Director of Winemaking at TwentyFour, will be your hosts. Your Napa experience will include the following:

--Round-trip limousine transportation from San Francisco or Oakland to Napa, CA
--A gourmet, catered lunch with Charles Woodson at the TwentyFour Wines Tasting Room in Napa, CA
--Three wine pairings from TwentyFour Wines included with lunch
--Autographed bottle of TwentyFour Wines' 2012 Sauvignon Blanc, signed by Charles Woodson
--Autographed picture of Charles Woodson (From Oakland, Green Bay, or Michigan... your choice!)
--Outside item of your choosing signed by Charles Woodson (you must bring the item to the event)... ~$150 value!
--TwentyFour Wines logo Go-Vino cup

Your purchase supports the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Select quantity of 2 for 16 total guests.