Global Sustainable Partnerships

Students lining up at Bethlehem Primary school to get their first glass of clean and safe drinking water! Priceless.

Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP) is a 501(c) 3 that was established in 2010 by Kimberly L. Fogg and Mary Barth. GSP has been providing access to clean/ safe drinking Water (uses innovative water technology) and teaching Sanitation, Health and Hygiene (WASH) practices in schools/ households/ health dispensaries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. To date, we have installed over 800 water filters in 60 schools, over 200 households, 4 orphanages, 57 government and faith-based health centers and one District hospital. Because of the success of our “Water is the Lifeline of Life” initiative in Our Meru school district (Tanzania), the District was awarded certificates, car and bikes for winning the Sanitation and Environmental Health Competition in 2018 and 2nd place in 2017. Our Meru School District has been selected again to represent the Arusha Region again in in the 2019 Sanitation and Environmental Health Competition. In addition, we recently donated filters to families in Mozambique/Zimbabwe impacted by the cyclone and donated filters to families in Haiti impacted by the earthquake in 2010.

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