Charles Drew Bronze Desk Bust

By 1865 Company


Our bronze desk bust pays homage to distinguished African American scientist Charles Drew (1904-1950).    Born in Washington, DC, Dr. Drew received a medical degree from McGill University and continued his research at Columbia University. It was at Columbia where he wrote his thesis titled "Banked Blood." Drew developed a system to separate plasma from blood, which could last longer than whole blood. This discovery revolutionized blood transfusions. As a result Drew was asked to help organize the world's first blood bank, the Blood for Britain project. During World War II, the program Drew developed was credited with saving many lives. Later Drew became the first director of the American Red Cross Blood Bank.  Bust features famous Drew quotation: "Excellence of performance will transcend artificial barriers created by man." Each bronze sculpture is originated, cast and hand finished by a gifted sculptor in England, and measures 9” high and is heavy enough to serve as a large desk paperweight, bookend or personal library focal point.  Please note that each bust is crafted by hand by our sculptor at the time of order.  Delivery may take up to three weeks.